2 thoughts on “Remind You of Anything?

  1. ky ro says:

    . . . lest be forgotten, {though most certainly long since obfusca-ca-cancelled, and buried}, orwell was quite specifically describing just who . . .

    “russians” . . . ? . . . totalitarians

    the kind that would edit themselves out-of-history, as would alike lie what’s “antisemite” out-of-the-question, while quite easily yet again so righteously wiping an entire palestine out-of-existense

    Operator . . .

    Information . . .

    Please Give Me INRI . . . on-the-line

    1LIE: zionism. alla the time

  2. helvena says:

    Yes, interesting isn’t it? It was the Russians, it was the Portugeses, it was the Germans (pre-WWI) it is anybody but who it is.

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