Cassandra Speaks, Who Will Listen?

brian boru says:
October 20, 2014 at 4:58 am

Unfortunately, Patton learned too late that he had fought on the wrong side, just like Smedley-Butler before him. For well over a hundred years American and British soldiers have been nothing more than mercenaries for the jew in its drive to enslave the planet. When Patton showed that he was reluctant to ‘get with the program’ he was eliminated, as was Kennedy in 1963. No one is safe from the jew psychopaths. They will kill anyone and any number of people if necessary to achieve their goal of a ‘1984’ type world but, also, because they enjoy killing and inflicting suffering. It’s what jews do, always and ever.
I briefly visited the city of Wroclaw in Poland last week. You may remember that it was once the German city of Breslau in Silesia; as German as Berlin or Hamburg or Munich. Seventy years ago this month the city was still pretty much intact. It hadn’t experienced the genocidal bombing most of the country was enduring at the hands of the British and American air terrorists, being generally out of range, or perhaps being saved for a Dresden like experience. The population would have known that the war was lost and that worse was to come, but life went on as normally as was possible under the circumstances. Breslau was a beautiful cultured city like many other ancient German cities with exquisite buildings, museums and parks and had been German for centuries. All over eastern Europe the situation was the same. The Germans were the great civilisers. They built the roads, bridges, canals, cathedrals and so on in that particularly beautiful style exhibited by a high civilisation. Traces of it survive everywhere in the east despite the catastrophe of the jew victory over Europe and its people. I spent time wandering around the old city and trying to imagine what it had been like for the people then. They must have had an idea that it was going to be bad with the constant stream of refugees and wounded German soldiers, but it is doubtful if any of them would have imagined how bad, even in their worst nightmares. In January the Soviets began their last overwhelming offensive. Belatedly, the authorities allowed civilians to escape west, many of them the illusory safety of Dresden. Scores of thousands of women and children died in the cold on the way. By February 15th the city had been surrounded by the Red Army and a ferocious battle began which lasted until the totally shattered city surrendered on May 6th, just before the final surrender of Germany itself. All over the east the Germans fought with despairing heroism, unrecognised and unremembered. You can still see some effects of the battle today although the Poles have done a fair job of renovating the city centre. Naturally, the Soviet troops, urged on by their jew commisars, went on a rampage of rape, torture and murder after the surrender. In the next couple of years the city, and all of Silesia, was emptied of all of its Germans, as was all of Eastern Europe with maximum brutality. It had all been agreed upon by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin beforehand. Today the city is Polish. There is little to no recognition that it was ever a German city.
White people everywhere need to realise that we are in a similar position to the Germans of Breslau of 1944. There is the same ominous feeling that something bad is coming down the road but we can’t really wrap our minds around it. I can assure you that it will be every bit as terrible as our German brothers experienced. We don’t have a bloodthirsty Red Army at our borders this time. The enemy is already inside the gates and hates us as intensely as the Soviet soldiers because the same Talmudic monsters motivate that hatred. If the white race ever becomes as helpless worldwide as the Germans were in 1945 we can expect no mercy. One can say that the Americans and British deserve no less because of their disgraceful part in that evil jew-inspired war but that would be pointless. We are all in this now regardless of whether we live in South Africa, or Britain or any American city you care to mention. To paraphrase a line from a well known film, ‘we have been targeted for termination’. There is no negotiating with the jew and its minions. No concessions will ever satiate it. That parasitic life-form intends to destroy us and all we value, unless white men resist it and deal with it finally.


This Is Very, Very Good…

Now try to really grasp what MOB is saying here because I believe he/she is correct.  And the reason MOB is correct is because jews are a Different race from us Europeans.  Race is the key to understanding.  A race can not live/survive in the mental world of another. -H

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Jews have entirely unique mental processes, which are reflected in all of their interpretations, speech, and behavior. I have always attributed this to their small numbers, which necessitated the use of deception as their primary weapon, given their intense will to power in a world of much larger groups. Like circles or boomerangs, nothing they say or do moves outward in a straight line. All missiles of thought, word, and deed circle back to themselves. Like men whose iron masks are lined with mirrors.

Examples are seen in their Talmud; for example, a Jew may not kill a Gentile if his crime can be discovered and used to do him harm.

A Jew’s definition of the bizarre, uniquely Jewish practice of eruvim is another example::

“Eruvim are symbolic Jewish enclosures. Eruvim protect Orthodox Jews from transgressing the prohibition against carrying on the Sabbath, which is considered a form of work. These enclosures extend what is considered private space into the public sphere and are all but invisible.”

Note the wording: “eruvim protect Jews” from breaking a Jewish law. In reality, eruvim allow Jews to break a Jewish law and not be held responsible.

Note also that eruvim extend what is uniquely Jewish into the public sphere, just as they do on almost every item on our grocery shelves, regardless of how irrelevant the product is to any aspect of Jewish “religion” or how few Jews reside in any given community compared to the number of Gentiles that are being forced into involuntary participation in Jewishness

Injecting their Jewishness into non-Jewish arenas is a Jewish specialty that I despise Jews are not content to express their Jewishness in private or in the company of fellow Jews; they must shove it into the eyes, ears, and nose of Gentiles and otherwise engage Gentile participation wherever possible.

Jews do not place value on Truth and Reality; their guiding value is “whatever works” – a thing is true if a Jew says it is and it works (achieves the goal). An event is real if it is imagined and it works (achieves the goal). It doesn’t matter if the words or imaginings or stories passed off as truth or reality are believed. It only matters if they work.

Goldberg opposes “the framing” of “anti-semitism” as a “response” to Jewish behavior. I agree. The response is anger. The label “anti-semitism” is then applied for the purpose of shifting the onus from the object (the misbehaving Jew) to the subject (the angry Gentile). The mechanics are the same as the Talmud and eruvim examples above. Every time Gentiles utilize the concept of “anti-Semitism” as if it actually existed, they’re playing the Jews’ game.

Logic is another irrelevancy, like truth and reality. It may be true that “in the long run, when uncomfortable reality becomes too patently obvious to deny. . .” — stop there. They’re not “denying” reality. They’re presenting you (the world) with their false versions for you to do with what you will.

So far, no one has concretely challenged the untruth and unreality of Jewish words and deeds, no matter how criminal or how destructive of Gentile quality of life, except for one whose name dare not be mentioned. I don’t think Jews are worrying about “explosive results.” They’ve had too much easy success.

Here is an example of what MOB is talking about.   About half way though Michael (the resident jew) begins spewing his twisted version of reality.  He says the jews should be very scared and angry but there is no self reflection at all.  He ends his tirade with a quote from Roosevelt, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.  Michael is demonstrating his illogical “me” centered version of reality.  The Blacks on the panel are props which subtly suggest Blacks must be scared as well.  Why two Blacks and no Chinese or Arabs?  I suggest that no thinking Blacks would be part of such a charade. – H

Some Interesting History…

This from the book THE NEW UNHAPPY LORDS by A. K. Chesterton.  Which military and governmental men are in the hire of the bernie baruch(s) today do you think?

THE ambivalence of post-war American policy, created
by the conflicting objectives of “containing Communism”
to satisfy the American Congress and American opinion,
and at the same time to help to promote it, in obedience
to the great financial interests which had played so large
a part in establishing and maintaining the Soviet Union,
was only superficially a part of Roosevelt’s war-time policy.
As we now know, his golden rule throughout that time was
to deny the Communists nothing and in every conflict of
view between Russia and the Western allies to take the
Russian side. To that extent it was a simple policy and
of multitudinous instances two or three, for present purposes,
must suffice. Mention has been made of Roosevelt’s
lying assurance to Premier Mikolajczyk that after the war
Poland’s pre-war frontiers would be restored. At the same
interview Mikolajczyk informed the American President
that broadcasts to Poland and other Eastern European
countries by the Voice of America consisted of blatant
Communist propaganda. Roosevelt gave a solemn promise
that the propaganda would be stopped at once, whereas
it was not only maintained until the end of the war
but continued long afterwards. Either Roosevelt was a
brazen humbug or he was the dupe of the New York Power
Elite which had riddled his Administration with Communist
agents who disobeyed his instructions and fed him
with false information. History must resolve the problem
as to what extent he was a conscious and to what extent an
unconscious tool of the Money Power.
Another instance was the over-running of Malaya and
Singapore by the Japanese. The defence of these countries
was entrusted to an R.A.F. Command which had only a
few hundred obsolete planes at its disposal. By the time the
Japanese struck the British aircraft industry was turning
out fighters and bombers in spate. Why were these modern
planes not sent to defend British possessions in Malaya?
The answer is that most of them were being flown to
Russia to reinforce the Red Army. The United States had
now assumed the dominant role in the planning of allied
war production and distribution, and it was the U.S. order
of priorities which had to be observed. As a consequence,
when Churchill sent H.M.S. Repulse and H.M.S. Prince of
Wales to Malayan waters there were no fighter planes to
provide adequate air cover, with the result that these two
mighty men-o’-war were sunk—and with them, for all
practical purposes, was sunk our Empire in the East. It is
improbable that either Stalin or Bernard Baruch, the effective
head of the Money Power, had tears to shed over the
A third instance concerns the development of the atombomb.
Great Britain, through the researches of the great
Rutherford, Soddy and other scientists, led the world in
knowledge of how to split the atom. The results of these
researches were placed at the disposal of the United States
subject only to one condition—that when the know-how of
the construction of the actual bombs was discovered it should
be communicated to the British Government. This agreement
the United States dishonoured. In later years, when
the McCarran Act was passed forbidding the communication
to other powers of U.S. atomic secrets, Congress had
no idea of the secret agreement with the British. Prime
Minister Attlee made no attempt to enlighten Congress and
Winston Churchill told the House of Commons that he
would have acted in Attlee’s default but that President
Truman had asked him not to. How completely had the
senescent British Lion been mesmerised by the American
Eagle, or if not by the Eagle, then by the glint in the
Baruchian glasses, which amounted to much the same
thing! Yet while the British were thus abominably betrayed,
the Americans were sending case-loads of secret atomic
formulae to Moscow, together with quantities of processed
uranium. Major Jordan, of the U.S.A.A.F., who had the
task of despatching these materials, protested, but was
given personal orders by Harry Hopkins to forward the
consignments. Readers new to the subject may ask: “Who
was this man Hopkins?” He had been an obscure charityorganiser
when Roosevelt summoned him and gave him
complete charge of all the millions of dollars distributed as
part of the New Deal. Clearly, therefore, he was a key-man
in somebody’s service. During the war Hopkins moved into
the White House, without official position or salary, and
access to the President could only be had through him.
Who was paying this master-agent? In all likelihood he
was being paid, directly or indirectly, by Bernard Baruch.
At all events, one day when he said something not too
flattering about Baruch, Roosevelt rebuked him. “Harry,”
said the President, “remember all that Bernie has done for
But by far the most important dispositions favouring
Russia were those which received the seal of official
approval at Yalta. As a result of decisions reached at that
conference, at which Roosevelt’s chief expert assistant was
Alger Hiss, in after years sent for a long term of imprisonment
for perjury relating to the fact that he was a Communist
agent, Eisenhower later held back troops of the
Western Allies from taking Berlin and Prague, which they
were poised to do, so that the Red Army might be the
first to enter these capitals. What happened to the women
of Berlin is unspeakable, and it did not happen by accident.
Eisenhower then withdrew his forces, in some sectors as
much as 150 miles, and thus allowed the Mongolian hordes
to occupy the European heartlands. Never has there been
a betrayal of Christendom on so monumental a scale. History
will record that Roosevelt contrived it, with poor old
Churchill tagging helplessly along, but it does not do to
forget that behind Roosevelt was the cold, calculating brain
of Bernard Mannes Baruch.
During Eisenhower’s Presidency of the United States he
cut short one of his vacations to open a park in New York
which Baruch had founded in honour of his own father.
In his speech Eisenhower made a remarkable admission.
“Twenty-five years ago,” he said, “as a young and unknown
Major, I took the wisest step in my life—I consulted
Mr. Baruch.” Wise step, indeed! When war broke out
Eisenhower was jumped over the heads of at least 150 of
his seniors to be placed in supreme command of the Allied
Forces in Europe—certainly remarkable promotion for an
officer without battle experience or the experience of
handling large masses of men in the field. What interpretation
can be put upon it other than that Eisenhower was
Baruch’s man, not only in exercising the supreme command
but later as President of the United States?


BTW, I would like to remind you that AFTER the war Ike killed an estimated 1.5 million German men and boys in his POW camps in Europe.  They starved and died of exposure.  We made him president.  The father eats sour grapes and the son’s teeth are set on edge.

I would also like to offer this idea.  The Rosenbergs were useful idiots.  They provide the fig leaf as to how the Russians got the atomic bomb when the reality is our government (being in the control of the baruchians) gave it to the Soviets.  Or maybe Ethel and Julius were happy to give their lives so the big jew could control the world.  I wonder how their boys are doing today???? Ahhhh, here it is from the NYT:

Today, both brothers are grandfathers. Michael, 65, is a professor and chairman of the economics department at Western New England College in Springfield, Mass. Robert, 61, is a lawyer and runs the Rosenberg Fund for Children, which advocates on behalf of young people whose parents have suffered because of their progressive politics. Both live in western Massachusetts.

Robert’s daughter Rachel is a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights. In 2004, Michael’s daughter, Ivy, produced a documentary about the case, “Heir to an Execution.” In that film, Michael recalled the other day, he said he was “perfectly happy to live with the ambiguity” about the case. But that ambiguity, as far as his father is concerned, ended last week with Mr. Sobell’s confession and left Mr. Meeropol philosophical but, presumably, less happy.

Perhaps the rosenbergs will be called on again to help the cause…wonder if robert would defend a national socialist :-)  Is “progressive” a code word for big jew politics?

Some People Are So Articulate… 


August 18, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Good comment.
True definitions of the c word (communist) and the f word (fascist) are hard to agree upon, and their morphing meanings to people over time prove that. Add in the influence of Hollywood crap in helping to ‘define’ those words and you have pure confusion.
The monkey in the circus performing all day, beaten and fed poorly is a fascist, and the monkey in the zoo, deprived of everything but food and water is a communist. Both are a long long way from the jungle and not interested in the semantics of their enslavement.

On that Hegelian dialectic thingy.
Does the march towards a one world order with one world currency, suffer or benefit from the Ukrainian crisis?

If you don’t understand the concept of “order out of chaos,” then you’ll never understand a thing.
Engineered chaos serves several purposes. It provides distraction and cover for the elites to implement other plans that they would rather not have noticed.”

Whenever the media give us two ugly choices and demands us to choose, we should smell rat, every time. The constant media bombardment of Putin vs. NATO stinks of Hegelian manipulation.
The flag waving jingoistic north Americans will choose to stay loyal and view Putin as the new enemy. The crowd who understand the corruption and depravity of western leaders and their false flag crimes will be more receptive to seeing Putin as a tonic… long as they don’t look too closely at him.

In Ferguson, there is an effort to demonize both white and black people and to get everybody hating somebody. The agent provocateurs working both camps are scum and we must all resist their efforts to get us divided. Love the good people on both sides, oppose the violence on both sides and realize that both sides are being manipulated by scummy media. Rise above it all!

Katana’s Reply…

katana said…

Iron Felix said… 15 August 2014 00:16

… Where is this outrage, where the Irish spirit? The answer is that it is nowhere; it has never existed; it is a myth, emanating from the late nineteenth century when the Brits suddenly saw the Irish as romantics, happy-go-lucky types, altogether fearfully seltic dontcha know. Fact is, the Irish are apathetic cattle, always have been, though capable of squalid savagery (1798). Without backbone, they stand listlessly aside as their country is taken from them, never having understood that it IS their country. Today 25% of births in Ireland are to non-Irish; this will increase; nothing will change things. The Irish will lose in this as they have always lost, simply because they are losers.


Iron Felix, of course there is much to be pessimistic about. What can be said about Ireland can also be said about all Western countries.

The current lack of outrage is mostly for these reasons:

White people have been propagandized over generations into being passive consumers as living standards increase as technological advances has enabled less work for more and better consumer goods. People are now better off in terms of creature comforts, paradoxically helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that Whites have been guilty of crimes against the Third World requiring unlimited repayment, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that they are uniquely “racist” requiring that true repentance is only shown by allowing darkies to flood our lands without limit, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that they are uniquely “responsible” for environmental problems that they must reduce their population levels to below replacement levels while the dark races multiply at rabbit rates at White expense, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that their men are uniquely “oppressive” towards their women, resulting in a whole raft of anti-male laws that ultimately oppresses females and males, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that we have been “sexually oppressed”, resulting in a wholesale flooding of our media with non stop sex, pornography and sexualization of all aspects of society that destroys female and male relationships and families, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that we have been “oppressing” homosexuals, resulting in a whole raft of homosexual “liberating” laws that ultimately destroy families, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that “Multiculturalism and Multiracialism” represents their interests, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that the “Holocaust” hoax represents not only unspeakable German, but also White evil and consequent guilt, helping to destroy our societies.

White people have been propagandized over generations into believing that their “Democratic Systems” of voting represents their interests, rather than the “elites” chosen by jewish money masters, helping to destroy our societies.

… and so on, ad nausea.

So, Iron Felix, that’s why ordinary Irish people have a hard time rising up.

White people are being subject to a longterm, relentless and massive propaganda machine, lead by organised jewry, and its useful idiots and traitors, that intends to wipe Whites out as a force against jewish tyranny and their New World Order.

What we need is just enough thinking people to wake up and to rise up. The ordinary people can and will follow.

So, don’t focus on ordinary people. They are the very last to wake up.
15 August 2014 15:03