The River-Merchant’s Wife

After Li Po

While my hair was still cut straight
     across my forehead
I played at the front gate, pulling
You came by on bamboo stilts, playing
You walked about my seat, playing with
     blue plums.
And we went on living in the village of
Two small people, without dislike or

At fourteen I married My Lord you.
I never laughed, being bashful.
Lowering my head, I looked at the wall.
Called to, a thousand times, I never
     looked back.

At fifteen I stopped scowling,
I desired my dust to be mingled with
Forever and forever and forever.
Why should I climb the lookout?

At sixteen you departed,
You went into far Ku-to-en, by the river
     of swirling eddies,
And you have been gone five months.
The monkeys make sorrowful noise

You dragged your feet when you went
By the gate now, the moss is grown,
     the different mosses,
Too deep to clear them away!
The leaves fall early this autumn, in
The paired butterflies are already
     yellow with August
Over the grass in the West garden;
They hurt me.  I grow older.
If you are coming down through the
     narrows of the river Kiang,
Please let me know beforehand,
And I will come out to meet you
          As far as Cho-fu-sa.



Learn the truth about the Third Reich and life under National Socialism…

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Life in the Third Reich pics 001



The World Political Situation Then and Now

Friedrick Kurreck

— a speech by Friedrich Kurreck.

English translation by Eric Thomson.

I am happy to inform you about our life in Hitler’s time, for today’s politicians and mass media are purposefully untruthful about that time. I am a Thüringer who grew up in a farming family with seven children, and I have vividly experienced Hitler’s time. My profession is that of certified engineer, for which I began my studies in Thüringen. I had a scholarship, since my mother could not provide money for tuition after my father was killed by lightning. Under National Socialism, it was no problem for a member of a numerous family to obtain a scholarship plus living expenses.

One had merely to fill out an application.

Life in the Third Reich pics 0061

[Image] Location of Thuringen in Germany

As the English, with genocide intent, began bombing German cities’ populations…

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Cassandra Speaks, Who Will Listen?

brian boru says:
October 20, 2014 at 4:58 am

Unfortunately, Patton learned too late that he had fought on the wrong side, just like Smedley-Butler before him. For well over a hundred years American and British soldiers have been nothing more than mercenaries for the jew in its drive to enslave the planet. When Patton showed that he was reluctant to ‘get with the program’ he was eliminated, as was Kennedy in 1963. No one is safe from the jew psychopaths. They will kill anyone and any number of people if necessary to achieve their goal of a ‘1984’ type world but, also, because they enjoy killing and inflicting suffering. It’s what jews do, always and ever.
I briefly visited the city of Wroclaw in Poland last week. You may remember that it was once the German city of Breslau in Silesia; as German as Berlin or Hamburg or Munich. Seventy years ago this month the city was still pretty much intact. It hadn’t experienced the genocidal bombing most of the country was enduring at the hands of the British and American air terrorists, being generally out of range, or perhaps being saved for a Dresden like experience. The population would have known that the war was lost and that worse was to come, but life went on as normally as was possible under the circumstances. Breslau was a beautiful cultured city like many other ancient German cities with exquisite buildings, museums and parks and had been German for centuries. All over eastern Europe the situation was the same. The Germans were the great civilisers. They built the roads, bridges, canals, cathedrals and so on in that particularly beautiful style exhibited by a high civilisation. Traces of it survive everywhere in the east despite the catastrophe of the jew victory over Europe and its people. I spent time wandering around the old city and trying to imagine what it had been like for the people then. They must have had an idea that it was going to be bad with the constant stream of refugees and wounded German soldiers, but it is doubtful if any of them would have imagined how bad, even in their worst nightmares. In January the Soviets began their last overwhelming offensive. Belatedly, the authorities allowed civilians to escape west, many of them the illusory safety of Dresden. Scores of thousands of women and children died in the cold on the way. By February 15th the city had been surrounded by the Red Army and a ferocious battle began which lasted until the totally shattered city surrendered on May 6th, just before the final surrender of Germany itself. All over the east the Germans fought with despairing heroism, unrecognised and unremembered. You can still see some effects of the battle today although the Poles have done a fair job of renovating the city centre. Naturally, the Soviet troops, urged on by their jew commisars, went on a rampage of rape, torture and murder after the surrender. In the next couple of years the city, and all of Silesia, was emptied of all of its Germans, as was all of Eastern Europe with maximum brutality. It had all been agreed upon by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin beforehand. Today the city is Polish. There is little to no recognition that it was ever a German city.
White people everywhere need to realise that we are in a similar position to the Germans of Breslau of 1944. There is the same ominous feeling that something bad is coming down the road but we can’t really wrap our minds around it. I can assure you that it will be every bit as terrible as our German brothers experienced. We don’t have a bloodthirsty Red Army at our borders this time. The enemy is already inside the gates and hates us as intensely as the Soviet soldiers because the same Talmudic monsters motivate that hatred. If the white race ever becomes as helpless worldwide as the Germans were in 1945 we can expect no mercy. One can say that the Americans and British deserve no less because of their disgraceful part in that evil jew-inspired war but that would be pointless. We are all in this now regardless of whether we live in South Africa, or Britain or any American city you care to mention. To paraphrase a line from a well known film, ‘we have been targeted for termination’. There is no negotiating with the jew and its minions. No concessions will ever satiate it. That parasitic life-form intends to destroy us and all we value, unless white men resist it and deal with it finally.


Is the Devil a German?


Foreign currency and all that implies…

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If I could buy anything I wanted, it would probably be...

If I could buy anything I wanted, it would probably be…

Last week I promised to explain why Bulgakov drew a parallel between Kaifa’s/Pilate’s government in Jerusalem and 1930s Moscow in his masterwork, The Master and Margarita.

Do you think this is going to be dry? Buhaha.

30 A.D. Jerusalem was ruled by a coalition of  native rabbis and Roman overseers.  As I said in the earlier post, the rabbis had didactic power, while the Romans provided muscle and administrative competence. The ‘Romans’ were by no means entirely Roman, but a diverse collection of conquered peoples who were in turn overseen by men from the real ‘Caput Mundi’. This arrangement existed at the will of the Romans, who found it easier to rule in conjunction with the Temple, as long as the Temple behaved.

So what about the foreign nature of the government in 1930s Moscow? Wasn’t the Bolshevik…

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Update on David Brooks’, NPR’s, Bias on Israel


Brooks, a jewish “journalist”; read Weir’s article and then listen to Michael Hoffman on the video above. Who do you trust?

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gzmrg4In what would appear to be a clear violation of its own code of ethics, National Public Radio (NPR) continues to employ David Brooks to provide commentary on the Israel-Palestine conflict–without disclosing that Brooks’ own son serves in the Israeli Army. Alison Weir reports.

NPR’s Standards Editor & Ombudsman Minimize and/or Ignore NPR Ethics Requirements Regarding David Brooks

By Alison Weir

In recent weeks I’ve phoned and emailed the NPR ombudsman’s office several times about commentator David Brooks’ conflict of interest – Brooks’ son has been serving in the Israeli military while Brooks has been commenting on Israel without divulging that his son was in the Israeli army. Ombudsmen are charged with publicly addressing ethical breaches by a news organization’s journalists.

Continued here

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This Is Very, Very Good…

Now try to really grasp what MOB is saying here because I believe he/she is correct.  And the reason MOB is correct is because jews are a Different race from us Europeans.  Race is the key to understanding.  A race can not live/survive in the mental world of another. -H

September 22, 2014 – 5:55 pm | Permalink

Jews have entirely unique mental processes, which are reflected in all of their interpretations, speech, and behavior. I have always attributed this to their small numbers, which necessitated the use of deception as their primary weapon, given their intense will to power in a world of much larger groups. Like circles or boomerangs, nothing they say or do moves outward in a straight line. All missiles of thought, word, and deed circle back to themselves. Like men whose iron masks are lined with mirrors.

Examples are seen in their Talmud; for example, a Jew may not kill a Gentile if his crime can be discovered and used to do him harm.

A Jew’s definition of the bizarre, uniquely Jewish practice of eruvim is another example::

“Eruvim are symbolic Jewish enclosures. Eruvim protect Orthodox Jews from transgressing the prohibition against carrying on the Sabbath, which is considered a form of work. These enclosures extend what is considered private space into the public sphere and are all but invisible.”

Note the wording: “eruvim protect Jews” from breaking a Jewish law. In reality, eruvim allow Jews to break a Jewish law and not be held responsible.

Note also that eruvim extend what is uniquely Jewish into the public sphere, just as they do on almost every item on our grocery shelves, regardless of how irrelevant the product is to any aspect of Jewish “religion” or how few Jews reside in any given community compared to the number of Gentiles that are being forced into involuntary participation in Jewishness

Injecting their Jewishness into non-Jewish arenas is a Jewish specialty that I despise Jews are not content to express their Jewishness in private or in the company of fellow Jews; they must shove it into the eyes, ears, and nose of Gentiles and otherwise engage Gentile participation wherever possible.

Jews do not place value on Truth and Reality; their guiding value is “whatever works” – a thing is true if a Jew says it is and it works (achieves the goal). An event is real if it is imagined and it works (achieves the goal). It doesn’t matter if the words or imaginings or stories passed off as truth or reality are believed. It only matters if they work.

Goldberg opposes “the framing” of “anti-semitism” as a “response” to Jewish behavior. I agree. The response is anger. The label “anti-semitism” is then applied for the purpose of shifting the onus from the object (the misbehaving Jew) to the subject (the angry Gentile). The mechanics are the same as the Talmud and eruvim examples above. Every time Gentiles utilize the concept of “anti-Semitism” as if it actually existed, they’re playing the Jews’ game.

Logic is another irrelevancy, like truth and reality. It may be true that “in the long run, when uncomfortable reality becomes too patently obvious to deny. . .” — stop there. They’re not “denying” reality. They’re presenting you (the world) with their false versions for you to do with what you will.

So far, no one has concretely challenged the untruth and unreality of Jewish words and deeds, no matter how criminal or how destructive of Gentile quality of life, except for one whose name dare not be mentioned. I don’t think Jews are worrying about “explosive results.” They’ve had too much easy success.

Here is an example of what MOB is talking about.   About half way though Michael (the resident jew) begins spewing his twisted version of reality.  He says the jews should be very scared and angry but there is no self reflection at all.  He ends his tirade with a quote from Roosevelt, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.  Michael is demonstrating his illogical “me” centered version of reality.  The Blacks on the panel are props which subtly suggest Blacks must be scared as well.  Why two Blacks and no Chinese or Arabs?  I suggest that no thinking Blacks would be part of such a charade. – H